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    Bike Rider DX

    Awards Meet the conditions below to get the named award. Award How to unlock 1,000 Jumps Achieved Do 1,000 total jumps. 10,000 Jumps Achieved Do 10,000 total jumps. 100 Jumps Achieved Do 100 total jumps. A Crowning Achievement Get all three coins in one level. Air Rider Do a...
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    Destiny 2: Into the Light - Launch Trailer | PS5

    Destiny 2: Into the Light - Launch Trailer | PS5
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    DC Yobo Light Gun and Dreamcast Fishing Controller

    I just got an official Sega Dreamcast fishing controller and a Yobo Gameware DC light gun. This will be my first time using this type of controllers. Questions: 1. What is a good game for both of these controllers? 2. I understand the Yobo light gun is compatible with most games, but is it...
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    Light guns...

    I've heard a lot of stories about the light guns, but what I remember is they don't work on HDTV. But I'm guessing they work with any house of the dead game (PAL, US, or JAPAN) release. And they have to be the same make as the console. So if I have a US console, I need the US light guns. Am I right?
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    Dreamcast light guns

    I know the whole deal with the official gun not working on US games. But if I imported a Jap/Euro HotD 2 and an official Sega light gun, would it work on a US console? Thanks.
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    Should my light gun trigger 'click' when pressed?

    I have a few different rods and guns in my collection, and always prefer the ones with a mechanical 'confirmation' that you've pressed a button, or wound a reel. It's reassuring to feel or hear that 'click' when you pull the trigger. I have 2 rods, an INTERACT one, which gives a lovely...
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    Hdtv compatibility and light gun games

    Hi This is by way of a Heads Up for anyone who cares and sorry if this is already known but I couldn't find anything about it. this is likely to be my only post as I just had to tell people. I was about to sell my old games and peripherals because I couldn't get my DREAMCAST to work on my...
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    Dreamcast Light Guns

    I just won an auction eBay for the 'Ghost Hunter'. It looks like PS1 Guncon model refitted, probably in China. I saw many refitted models like a Virtua Stunner model. Are these more than oddity collector items or are there real value to them? Also, does anyone know if some models are more...
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    Light gun games revived on HDTV!

    Came across an awesome youtube vid where he uses a raspberry pi and a wii mote and sensors to get lightgun games working on HDTVs! He even shows Sega Saturn and Dreamcast working with it! Just wanted to spread the word
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    HDTV Light Gun Device Update

    In case you guys haven't heard yet. the HDTV light gun project has now entered version 2 and a commercial product is on the way soon. This means you'll be able to play all your favorite Sega light gun games like House of the Dead 2 on Dreamcast! GitHub - charcole/LCDZapper: Device for making...
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    Metro: Last Light

    Various Steam Achievements Achievement How to unlock A Present Take the Custom Pistol from the Locked Box. Antibiotic Kill 100 Mutants. Back to the Past See all Visions in the Dead City. Big Momma Kill the Rhino. Bloodlust Kill all the Reds on the THE CHASE level. Businessman Make...
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    Metro Last Light: Making of 'Enter the metro' live-action film

    See how the atomic Moscow wastelands were created. THQ has released a behind-the-scenes look at how the Enter The Metro live-action short was made. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Dead or Alive 5 will not have post-launch DLC characters Microsoft claims ownership of leaked...
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    Video: Resident Evil 6 gameplay is light on action, heavy on atmosphere

    Capcom releases two-part gameplay demo. Capcom has released a two-part Resident Evil 6 gameplay demo showing off some of Leon's campaign in Tall Oaks. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Study: UK gamers spent average of £334 in 2011 Rumour: Kojima claims Solid Snake will...
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    Possible PSP brick? Green light but MMS won't work.

    I recently pulled my old psp out of the cupboard and since I dont use it anymore decided to mod it. It's a slim (2002 model number) and I bought it december 2007. Its the simpsons edition so its yellow. Anywho I opened the battery and Im positive I cut the correct line. I put the battery in and...
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    Sorting with Game Categories Light

    I have searched all over for a solution to this but nothing I have across has worked. I have installed Game Categories Light and created folders with no problems. However I am unable to find a way of sorting either the folders or the applications in the folders. I have tried both...
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    PSP Phat light up on its own

    Hi, My son have a PSP Phat that is plugged on his AC Adaptor but sometimes when he leave it alone he light up on his own. Without anyone being nearby. My son dropped his PSP Phat yesterday and it started doing this today. Any idea what could be the cause of the PSP lighting up on his own...
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    Memory Stick Light Flashing

    Alright, I know the obvious answer already, but I came here hoping it wasn't the obvious answer. Having snapped a pin from my backlight clip I was persuaded to acquire another PSP, 1000 model. After finally giving up on the green shell that had caused all of these problems I finally begin to...
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    psp light

    when i turn psp off red light is on even when its not in charger
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    psp 2003 green light only

    hi i have now a psp 2003 i brought it off e-bay as faulty cracked screen so i put a new screen in but when i turn it on i get the green light only the screen lights up got no sounds, could this be just bricked?
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    Is there a prx to turn off the psp led loading light?

    I thought I seen a hack to shut off the loading LED light.
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