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    Galaga Legions DX [NPEB00333]

    Galaga Legions DX [NPEB00333] v1.0 Ported by Crapulecorp Unlimited Lives OGP A083CE303084FFFF7C8507342C050000 COP A083CE30308400007C8507342C050000 CU 00002000 000E5D2C 30840000 Netcheat 0 000E5D2C 30840000 Unlimited Time OGP 3CA000653063FFFF80C408309065CE58 COP...
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    Galaga Legions Cheat Codes

    Skins After you complete the areas listed below (in either Adventure mode or Championship mode), you'll unlock the corresponding skin. You can then select any of the skins you've unlocked when you begin any new game thereafter. Note: You begin the game with Original and Vintage. Unlockable...
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    Legions of Death Cheat Codes (for Commodore 64)

    1,000 Gold When purchasing a ship, press the following buttons in order: B, A, B, B, C, A, B, B, A. You'll get an instant 1,000 gold. You can enter this code multiple times. All ships with Maximum Cannon Power/Maximum Defense Wait for your turn, then input these codes. Code - Effect A...
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