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    Legaia 2 - Duel Saga (NTSC-U)

    Category Title Hacker Format Code Notes Top Always 1 For Next Level iyeru42 GS3 24503068 14B44328 Top Infinite HP iyeru42 GS3 14503133 95B411CA Top Infinite MP iyeru42 GS3 14503133 95B411EA Top Max HP iyeru42 GS3 14503132 95B411CA Top Max MP iyeru42 GS3 14503132 95B411EA Top...
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    Legend of Legaia PSX CWCheat

    _S SCUS_94254 _G Legend of Legaia _C0 Point Card Modifier _L 800845B4 0000FA49 <No Glitch- change value for 1-99999 _L 800845B6 00000002 <No Glitch- change the 2 for values ranging 100000+ _C0 Vahn Exp Modifier LVL 35 <No Glitch- **Note 1** _L 80084708 00015F23 <No Glitch- change value for...
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    Legend of Legaia Cheat Codes (for Playstation)

    Baka Fighter strategies During the first round, keep pressing Square. During the second round, keep pressing X. During the third round, keep pressing Circle. The following rounds differ. Monsters may change their strategy and use something unusual. Just learn where to start with the attack...
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