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    Pokemon Sun

    A Missing Switch On Melemele Island, where the Battle Buffet is located, enter the mall and talk to a couple of NPCs who are standing near some posters, in the area's left portion. They remark that there is no switch behind the poster, which is a reference to the original Pokemon games, where...
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    All-Star Baseball 2001

    Easier choppers When batting, press Left and B to have a better chance at hitting a high bouncing ground ball. This will give your runners a better chance of getting on-base with an infield hit.
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    Debug Menu At the Title Screen, press Left, Right, B, Up, Down, B, Left, Right, Up, Down, Select, B, B.
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    All bikes Turn sharply to the left immediately after your bike starts to move on Easy Street. Then, press Start, A(3), B, Select, A, B, Start. The screen will flash to confirm correct code entry.
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    Metroid 2: Return of Samus

    60 missiles and 99 health Enter your ship and roll left to right until both walls are hit once.
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    Marble Madness

    Infinite Time Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, A, B, B, A, Up, Down, Left, Right, Select, A, Start while paused.
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    A description of Items left with the famous Final Fantasy 2 Mega exp/gold code

    By Blue Oyster Cultist R= Cabin / tent C= Curing items C1,C2,C3= Cure 1, 2 , 3 W= Weapons A= Armor Aw= Arrows GTM= Green Tiny mage Aw= Arrow N= Ninja stuff Letters/ numbers Monster's name Items Left with DF30-076E 00 Centaur R 01 Marion W/A 02 Epee...
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    Marvel vs Capcom 2 $8 On Ebay 22 minutes left

    Currently there is a Sega Dreamcast Marvel vs Capcom 2 for $8, the auction ends in 22 minutes, here is the link: Sega Dreamcast MARVEL Vs CAPCOM 2 Great Game | eBay
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    Ikaruga $34 2 minutes left

    Theres two minutes left on an auction for ikaruga, that I've been bidding on. I can't bid anymore, heres the link if you want it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190504848865#ht_302wt_149
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    One year since Takeshi Miyaji left....

    I owe him a huge thanx and i never said it....So i made a small post in my blog Pressuridion: Thank you Takeshi Miyaji! Goodbye and RIP :( and a picture... Thank you and RIP :(
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    Shenmue 3 Still time left!!!

    Anyone that doesn't know or did not get a chance to back Shenmue 3 with your donations, or would like to donate more can still do so until the end of December! Can donate through their paypal setup on their sites here! Shenmue 3 by Ys Net — Kickstarter Slacker Backer Campaign! - Shenmue3...
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    Left To Die In Zombhai CWCheats [NPEZ-00347]

    _S NPEZ-00347 _G Left To Die In Zombhai _C0 Cash _L 0x20F8CB10 0x0001869F _C0 Kill Count _L 0x20FF2F50 0x0000270F _C1 Baldassano
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    Rockstar's Alex Moullé-Berteaux has left the building

    After five years, Rockstar's head of marketing moves on. Rockstar head of marketing Alex Moullé-Berteaux was on hand for Max Payne 3, L.A Noire, Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption, but now he's moving on to pursue personal projects. Click here to read the full articleRelated...
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    Analog moves Left and Right but not Up and Down

    EDIT So, new problem. I, for the first time, opened up my PSP to get my old faceplate back on because it was better. Now the thing is, the analog does not respond to Up and Down but moves left and right only. Also, it's drifting downwards even without the analog. So, I tried JoySens. Yes, it...
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    Left shoulder button not working

    First of all, I'm using a PSP2000 with 5.03 Prometheus through Kxploit. This issue started soon after I started using the Kxploit instead of the MHUSpeed3 It's been a few days since my L button stopped working. At first I thought it might be a hardware problem, but when I opened up my PSP, I...
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    Left in the past...

    hey guys. I use to be an avid psp player, bootlegging and hacking just about anything i could, but I havent used my psp in about a year, and i'm a bit stuck. my old firmware of choice used to be m33. and im currently running 5.00 m33-3. the problem is that i want to update and i dont know what...
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    Left 4 Dead

    "Blood Harvest: The Tunnel": Easy win as Infected In Versus mode, there is a warehouse-type area immediately after the starting safe room. As a zombie, quickly run back to the emergency door on the other side of the warehouse. There should be a forklift near the door. Spawn and push this...
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    Left 4 Dead 2

    "Swamp Fever: Level 1": "Eat Your Brains" song In the bar in the abandoned town, find the jukebox and play it to hear "Eat Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton.
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