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    My LCD screen doesn't have backlight

    Like, the screen is really really black but if I hold it up against the light, i can see things. Fix or suggestions? Is there any possible way at all i can see things? Even if it means seeing it on the computer?
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    Can you use the psp3000 lcd to replace psp2000 ones?

    If you can, then just buy the psp3000 lcd from places like ebay right? But i don't know if it can be used as I really don't know about the design and all~
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    3000 LCD Screen on 2000 ? Can it be done ?

    just wondering if u could buy one on ebay for like $30-40 and install it on a PSP 2000 ?
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    is an PSP-3000 LCD screen compatible with a PSP-2000?

    i was just wondering if anyone has tried to replace a broken slim LCD screen for a brite LCD screen? can the brite screen work in a slim console?
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    Best place to purchase a new LCD?

    Is there a different website that is considered more reliable or having better products than DealExtreme? Also, does anyone know if there is a certain model/brand of screen for a PSP-2001 that is the highest quality? It seems like DX has quite a few different LCDs to choose from...
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    Need help with psp 1000 LCD screen connectors

    My friend and I took apart my PSP last night to put it into a new housing. We did everything very well and when we tried to put the skinny LCD screen ribbon cable into its slot the holder seemed to come off. Now there's nothing to hold it down. Is there any way to make it stay put? My friend...
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    Cheapest place to find a replacement LCD for a Slim?

    The Best I've found was about $40 with free shipping for a refurb on Deal Extreme...anyone know of a better place? It sucks because the 1000 & 3000 screens are like $20 but the 2000 is $40-50!
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    PSP 2001 LCD Screen Lines

    Just wondering if i need to replace the lcd screen or is there something else to fix this. The problem is i have like 3 or 4 see threw lines vertically on the left side of my screen when something goes in them it makes like a double image especially on the left edge is all blurred and doubled kinda.
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    Busted LCD Backlight Clip

    A few minutes ago while attempting to finish up moving my PSP1000 into a new shell I managed to snap the top of the LCD backlight clip off. Not the entire clip, mind, but the top. I've tried finding various ways of holding the cable onto the pins, but no luck so far. My screen does still work...
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    PSP Lcd Screen Half A centimeter of pixels blurring?

    I just got my psp repair'd(finally) but i have just found out that half a centimeter of pixels are bluring any ideas?
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