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    Largest Capacity Memory Sticks?

    I have 2 Sandisk 4GB Memory Sticks, but both are completely full of Playstation Network games I've been buying up, I'd like to get a new card where I could throw all the games on one card and have room to add lots more. Is 32GB currently the max size for Pro Duo? I've also seen "adapter"...
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    What's the largest memory capacity PSP can hold now?

    Can PSP hold 32gb? or 16gb is the max?
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    EA says PC rapidly becoming largest gaming platform.

    It's exciting in that the PC platform is gaining back much needed ground on the console market, but being as it's coming primarily via digital downloads, it could also spell more DRM restrictions, limited hard copy availability, and a resulting rash of even more piracy, which could send it all...
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