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    #Sharp Turns ;credit callero16 0x001B9F20 0xD080 #Crazy Bullets ;credit callero16 0x00138F00 0x5080 #White Screen ;made by cheat hacker 0x006A0C1C 0x63534600 #Bullet Sparks Pause ;credit callero16 0x0030FC9C 0x9000 #Crossbow Crazy 2 ;By Callero ;Or By STR8KAZY 0x006A1DA0 0x43000000...
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    Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Dark Souls referenceWhen you first start, look on the walls to find a poster for "Dark Trolls" which features the main character from Dark Souls being chased by a large troll.
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    Killzone Liberation [US] [UCUS-98646] CWCheats

    Killzone Liberation [US] CWCheats _S UCUS-98646 _G Killzone Liberation [US] _C0 Infinite Ammo _L 0x200FE7DC 0x24A50000 _C0 Infinite Grenades _L 0x200EB218 0x24840000 _C0 Infinite Box Supplies _L 0x200AFCE0 0xE6ED0004 _C0 Infinite Syringes _L 0x200ED478 0x24820000 _C0 Infinite Health _L...
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