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    Can You Build Your OWN Mechanical Keyboard??

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    Just got my DC Keyboard and mouse! questions o.O

    I just bought an official dreamcast keyboard and an official mouse, I wanna know the games I can play using the mouse (oh trust me I have just played quake I finally owned that effing hunter >.< RAWR) but I have a couple more questions: What games are cool and fun to play with keyboard(besides...
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    DreamCast Keyboard

    I have realized that communicating via the on screen keyboard in some games is horribly slow, most of the time I can't even say what I needed to because by the time I am done typing it is too late. Just a minute or two ago, by the time I answered Mike on Phantasy Star, he had already left...
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    Update on my console expansion unit; wireless keyboard mouse

    Tested and confirmed* *on my system, which has had the controller port resistors removed & their connections bridged. Pictured is a wireless IR keyboard with a built in trackball & 2 button mouse, that has a pair of old (pre-usb) ps/2 plugs. When using that with the two "Total Control 5"...
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    Keyboard & Mouse...

    I noticed that Dreamcast had an official keyboard and mouse. What games did these support? I've heard people say that they are best for the shooters. What shooters do they support? Because I'm considering Quake and the keyboard and mouse and hopefully get online with you guys. Just wondering. Thanks
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    Use PS2 Dual Shock + Saturn controller + PC Keyboard on DC

    Never saw this before, seems cool to use Saturn controller on DC fighters, or ps2 shock controller for Half Life or cheap pc keyboard for Typing of dead : Use PS2 Dual Shock Saturn controller PC Keyboard VMU on Dreamcast w this | eBay
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    Do you need a mouse and Keyboard for Quake 3?

    Do you need a mouse and keyboard for Quake 3? Appearently you do according to IGN......
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    Japanese Dreamcast Keyboard for sale

    Hi not sure if this is allowed on the forum or not so I apologize if it isn't. I bid on a Japanese keyboard on eBay and don't really want it anymore so if someone wants to outbid me and get a great deal that would be cool. The total with shipping would be about $13. The guy is actually shipping...
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    Wireless MOUSE and Keyboard!!!

    CHECK THIS OUT!!! Everyone knows you can plug in your own keyboard or mouse with a ps/2 adapter for the dreamcast , and even some optical mice are compatible even some with a USB adapter. I had this old Micro Innovations wireless keyboard and mouse set sitting around for years I never used...
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    Question about mouse + keyboard games

    Hey friends, So after all these years, I finally bought "Type of the Dead", which means I had to buy a keyboard, which of course means that I had to buy a mouse as well (that's just how these things work!). Anyway, since I obtained these awesome input devices, I figured I'd buy an FPS or three...
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    Games with chat with Keyboard

    Hey. I have the skillz DCconnection 3 in 1. I can connect a PS/2 keyboard to it. It works flawlessly with PSO since 200x. But: Monaco GP2O doesn't work. What games takes the KB fpr chat? This joypad-chat-thingy is lame as hell and too slow. Any lists out there?
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    ir keyboard

    now i used the search feture to make sure no double posts but alol i found was one archive post and lots of things about quake with ir keyboard so i apologize if this is a double post now i just got a psp fat so pretty much what is the best keyboard to get (by best i mean cheapest that works)...
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    RemoteJoy4IRS keyboard inputs

    Does anyone know the keyboard inputs for remotejoy4irs i know WASZ is up, left, right, down respectively, but i don't know the face buttons, shoulder buttons, start/select etc.
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    psp keyboard

    hey ppl, i have a problem when i go to write something my default psp keyboard has strange letter, i have to modify it always to normal keyb. How can i put it normal for good?
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    Mini keyboard for the PSP

    I noticed on the net a picture of a PSP with a very small keyboard attached, does this thing exist for normal users or is it something somebody made them self? It would be very useful but I looked on e bay and could find nothing.
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