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    Karous gameplay question

    How the heck do you do the more extensive sword attack combos? I've collected multiple upgrades for the sword from the powerups, but it just seems that by holding B all the character ever does is the one swipe. I thought tapping B a few times also didn't do it. Do I have to wiggle the controls...
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    President of Milestone (radirgy, karous, etc) arrested

    Chaos Field Developer Milestone Has Closed, Company President Arrested - Siliconera
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    Radirgy vs Karous, which is your favourite of the two?

    Recently I played through Radirgy, now while I am not the biggest shooter fan the visuals and the presentation were enough to keep my playing. I decided to also pick up Karous and while I prefer the JSR style visuals of the first game, the second one is actually more fun to play. What do you...
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