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    Help!!! 360 joystick on DC controller mod

    Hey guy's, I have heard that a few people have replaced their stock joystick with one from a 360. How easy would this be to do, and could somebody explain to me what all I will need to do to succesfully complete the operation. My joystick on mine is squeaky as hell, and I use some kind of...
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    Fighting Games: DC controller vs JoyStick

    For those who have felt an arcade stick and the DC controller for fighting games, which do you prefer? I bought a Agetec Arcade stick and really like using it, but I find that I'm am a better fighter when using the DC controller. One thing I like about it is the DC's D-pad, one of the best D...
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    Golden Joystick TV launches!

    New dedicated video site is ready to blast your eyeballs. The Golden Joysticks remain the finest gaming awards ceremony in the world, voted for by you the great gaming public, trouble is there's quite a long time between each annual ceremony. Click here to read the full article More...
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    psp slim joystick, is there a better one?

    Haven't made any progress searching. I don't like the default joystick on the slim, it slips from my thumb too easy, and just doesn't feel right. Oddly it doesn't even come up as high as the d-pad. For fats you could pull it off and put on a new nub but not slims I guess. Is there any way...
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    Custom PSP joystick

    I want to replace my joystick (PSP-2000) Has anyone seen the new 'Monster Hunter Portable 3' joysticks for sale online? I also like the NAKIWORLD PSP Analog stick, but most reviews mention that it doesn't fit proper on slim models (I can't find an online store that sells them)...
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    joystick drift

    Hello, ive been having a continuing problem with my psp 1000. I recently had to replace my faceplate and ever since doing so, ive been experiencing a drifting analog stick. all of the screws are tightened as tight as possible and it doesnt seem to help much. ive also tried cleaning the sensor...
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    psp go joystick

    hi just a simple 1 does anyone know if the end cap on the anolog joystick on a psp go pulls off like all the other models have white 1 and it has got dirty and could clean it better off than on cheers :D
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