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    Disney Dreamlight Valley – Dreamlight Parks Fest Trailer

    Disney Dreamlight Valley – Dreamlight Parks Fest Trailer View:
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    Electronic Super Joy

    Various TrophiesComplete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards. Trophy How to unlock As You Wish (Bronze) Survive Glorg. Dame Right, It's Better Than Yours! (Silver) Beat all gold times. Electronic Super Done! (Gold) Get every Star, beat every Gold Time, and...
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    Remote joy lite

    Im useing remote joy lite v.19. I dont know how to record audio and video. wondering if anyone could help me out.
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    PSP!!!!!!!! remote joy hellp

    help when i try to use remotejoy it only works on the xmb and recovery menu and not on the game when i put all the plugins needed help
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    remote joy lite annorying sound

    I have a question about remote joy lite is there anyway to get rid of that annorying sound you get in the background when ur recording sound.... or at least make it quieter :/ it getting really annorying :/
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    Remote Joy Lite 0.19 Problem

    Problem: When i start up a game, remote joy lite v. 0.19 will go back to waiting. psp : slim Firmware: version 6.20 TN-E I have 8GB of memory on my psp and I do have psp type B driver on my windows xp computer. Video of the problem :
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    Remote Joy Lite Crash

    I used to Record and Play on Big Screen with RemoteJoyLite 0.19 (The old plugin) with 6.20 Pro B6 , but when i updated to 6.20 Pro B7 I experienced crashes on my psp , so i disabled the plugin and updated the RemoteJoyLite to the one modified for 6.xx , but still it crashes. Anyone else...
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