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    Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble [EUR] ULES-00256 cwcheats

    _S ULES-00256 _G Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble [EU] _C0 99999 Popularity Points _L 0x2079A274 0x0001869F _C0 Infinite Health _L 0x0079A278 0x00000064 _L 0x0079A27C 0x00000064 _C1 Cheats by addyaustin
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    G.I. JOE -The Rise of Cobra EUR Version[ULES-01277] CWCheats

    G.I. JOE - The Rise of Cobra EUR Version CWCheats _S ULES-01277 _G G.I. JOE - The Rise of Cobra [EU] _C0 Infinite Health _L 0x20001000 0x3C013F80 _L 0x20001004 0xAE4100BC _L 0x20001008 0xAE4100C0 _L 0x2000100C 0x8E440074 _L 0x20001010 0x30840004 _L 0x20001014 0x03E00008 _L 0x2003CC10 0x0E200400...
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    Joe Montana's Football (JU) [!] game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Joe Montana's Football (JU) [!] - Version 1.1 Pro Action Replay Codes Infinite Time - 00C7B2:01 CPU Opponent Never Scores - 00C795:00 -Rune Joe Montana's Football (JU) [!] - Version 1.1 Game Genie Codes: 1st quarter lasts 1 min. - 01B-BAF-F7E -Galoob 1st quarter lasts 2 min. - 02B-BAF-F7E...
  4. F

    G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike Cheat Codes (for Atari 2600)

    Programmer Credits Select two player cooperative game and difficulty setting 1. Hit the fifteenth C.O.B.R.A. member eight times to display "JE". | [Sent by Stryker82]
  5. F

    Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble

    Alternate costumes Successfully complete all V-Puzzles to unlock the "EX Color" option at the character selection screen. Highlight a character and press X to choose the EX version of their costume. Anime Concept Art Successfully complete the indicated Story mode chapter to unlock the...
  6. F

    Viewtiful Joe

    Cheat Codes First you must go to the game folder and find the file named nwn.ini Now open this file in Notepad and go to the Game Options section, and add the following: Debug Mode=1 If you are going to edit the characters, open the nwnplayer.ini file and add these lines: Single Player...
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    Viewtiful Joe 2

    Chambers Unlock the following chambers by completing the indicated task. Chamber 1: Defeat the first boss. Chamber 4: Defeat the first boss. Chamber 7: Get all film canisters in Reel 1. Chamber 18: Complete Chamber 17. Chamber 19: Defeat Sgt. Big John in Reel 3 in V-rated mode. Chamber 21...
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    Car Battler Joe Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Unlock Jim Joe Zero car Enter Todoroki as a password in Battle League Mode.
  9. F

    Joe Montana II Sportstalk Football Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Passwords If you have trouble, try these passwords to play in any game as the Washington Redskins. Week 2 - 1D1CBAAAIA Week 3 - 1D1DDAAAIA Week 4 - 1D1EHAAAIA Week 5 - 1D1FPAAAIA Week 6 - 1D1G5AAAIA Week 7 - 1DIH5BAAIA Week 8 - 1DII5DAAIA Week 9 - 1DIJ5HAAIA Week 10 - 1DIK5PAAKD...
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    Joe and Mac Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Joe and Mac NES-CJ-USA Joe and Mac (tm) Instruction Manual Data East(r) --- Introduction Millions of years ago, before the 'Big Freeze' covered our planet's deserts with ice, a cavedude's life was not an easy one. These were the good old prehistoric days when "rock and roll" was just...
  11. F

    Viewtiful Joe 2

    NTSC (m) (Datel) G4WY-2Q67-665X4 BRVB-9H4B-UT5WT Walk Through Walls(Jay007) L+R+A = On L+R+B = Off NJFV-FGX2-UWJZ5 BP38-ZUDW-C8UCE K3HQ-W4UU-RCCEA MMD2-49PE-7PAGQ T6KB-WNYX-7CYUN Instantly Charged V Touch (Press D-Pad Left) 9EAT-6482-FAHP9 UGHJ-N7BF-WDAPY 8RQW-GE8U-D7KKY...
  12. F

    Viewtiful Joe

    PAL (m) (Datel) 40GY-R3VX-8DVJ5 XHHU-AU07-YWG7Q Story Modifier - 002BC200 0000000X Joe's Story - 0 Sylvia's Story - 6 Alastor's Story - 8 Blue's Story - 7 Character Modifier* 002BC1FD 0000000X Joe - 0 Sylvia - 6 Alastor - 8 Size Modifiers Large Hero D44T-79TK-G7RUV...
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    Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninjas Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Bonuses On Level 8, there is a red egg in the middle of the level. If you kill all the small dinosaurs before you crack it, you'll be flown to a hidden bonus level where you can power-up your weapon and collect a key to enter the blue dots on the map. On Level 9, there's a red egg at the...
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    Joe and Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

  15. F

    GI Joe cheat codes (for NES)

    Level tips 1-1: For more power-ups, jump high in areas where the trees cover the background, if you really want Duke to have that gun power-up, start with Snake-eyes, stand pretty much next to the power-up, just before you touch it, pause the game, and go to Duke, (or anyone else who you want...
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    Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninjas Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    DD36-D40D Infinite lives 2BBA-64D7 Infinite energy DDE0-0F6F All food fully restores energy CBC8-6404 + DFC8-6464 Start with 2 lives CBC8-6404 + D9C8-6464 Start with 6 lives CBC8-6404 + DBC8-6464 Start with 10 lives
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