The Japan Professional Football League (日本プロサッカーリーグ, Nihon Puro Sakkā Rīgu), a.k.a “J.League” (Japanese: Jリーグ, Hepburn: Jē Rīgu), and officially a.k.a “Meiji Yasuda J.League” (Japanese: 明治安田Jリーグ) for sponsorship with Meiji Yasuda Life, is the men's association football league in Japan. It is responsible for organizing Japan's major professional football tournaments, including the J1, J2 and J3 leagues. Established in 1993 as Asia's first professional football league, it has been one of the most successful leagues in Asia followed by the Saudi's Pro League. In 1999, the J2 League was established, followed by the J3 League in 2013.

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