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    Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi EXTRA

    Hacked by dron_3 BLJM61060 v1.00 Infinite Bombs OGP 786300203C80023F8084BA1838A000247C642B2E3C6001F2 COP 3860000F3C80023F8084BA1838A000247C642B2E3C6001F2 CU 00002000 005BF2E0 3860000F Invincibility OGP 786300203C80023F8084BA1838A0003A7C6429AE4800039C COP...
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    Jigoku Meguri Cheat Codes (for TurboGrafx)

    Easy mode Hold Down + Left + I + II and press Select sixteen times at the title screen. An easier game with full power will begin. | [Sent by Neto]
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