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    road rash (jailbreak) [u] [slus_01053]

    @always have tha targetin biker 80087F43 | 000x 0: mongo 1: jork 2: bull 3: tasha 4: draco 5: helmut @always play as (gangs) 800812D3 | 000x 0:de shades 1:kaffe boys @always play as (alias) 80081797 | 000x 1:switch 2:stack 3:bricks 4:unused @always play as (alias *2nd gangs...
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    Road Rash - Jailbreak (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Access All Nine Tracks MadCatz F4B81F74AF6B Top Cop Patrol: Unlock All Tracks MadCatz FDB80E758B65 Top Have Ace 4 MadCatz...
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    How to Jailbreak my PSP GO?

    I have heard from friends that my PSP go can be jailbreaked just like the othe PSP handheld models. Please let me know how or if its possible to Jailbreak it. I have a PSP Go which i had purchased in KSA. I only had 10 original games. I wanted to have games which i can play in my PSP go without...
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    Road Rash Jailbreak Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    All characters at level 4 Enter FLUSH as a password. All tracks Enter HAZARD as a password. Cheat Mode Enter ALAKAZAMM as a password. Lulu at level 4 Enter QUICKEN as a password. Play as Fat Hoagie Enter HEADACHE as a password. Play as Hurl Enter STRIDER as a password. Tiny at...
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