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    Extract and delete Audio from Dreamcast ISO's?

    is it possible? Does anyone fiddle with the any of this and know how? Thanks
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    Dreamcast Web Browser and Magazine Iso's

    just was wondering if anyone had made a iso of 1.0 or 2.0 or any of the demo disks from the Official Magazine. any help would be appreciated
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    Do ISO's need to be in a specific folder on the SD card?

    Dreamshell loads perfectly and I can navigate just fine... I can see the ISO's in the File Manager but the ISO loader doesn't see them... do they need to be in a specific folder? If so, which one? Thank you, Roger
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    DC SD card ISO's for Dreamshell... where are they?

    I've seen the ones on The Iso Zone • Download Isos, Roms, Homebrew & Emulators for your Favourite Retro Systems! but there seem to be only a few decent games out of the 400 they have listed... many of the games that I'm looking for are nowhere to be found... I can't seem to find them on the...
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    6.35 PRO-B3, can't reorganize XMB icons for ISO's

    I use Filer to fix the order (alphabetize) the game icons in the XMB. I put two more ISO's on PSP memory stick (copied them from the internal memory using my computer; it's a PSP go), and suddenly none of the ISO icons want to be moved up or down the list. The two newest ones are stuck at the...
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    ISOs & PSX games not showing

    So I just bought a new legit 16gb Sandisk ProHG Duo Memstick and filled it up with games and still got around 800mb free. The thing is they don't show up at all in the XMB. I also made it an MMS by the way. I tried some things like reformatting the memstick & filling it up all the way but they...
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    psp 2001 5.00 m33-6 ,psp turns off when launching isos or apps

    psp 2001 slim 5.00 m33-6 ... When I launch a game or app from xmb ,the psp boot screen comes on and freezes when its about to fade , the only plugins enabled is the stargate.prx (prometheus mod) and m33 6_20.prx (mod for 620 games) no cxmb ,game boots or themes ,using original theme ,so I...
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    Confusion about ISOs and eboots..

    Hey, I just modded my PSP 3000 with 6.35 PRO-B4. When I put games into the ISO folder of the mem stick, some of them automatically create a folder in PSP:GAME with their own eboot, allowing me to run directly from the memory card on the XMB. Final Fantasy I Anniversary Edition and Pixeljunk...
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    Playing ISOs online?

    Hey guys - Just wondering what the deal is here. If I got Fifa 11 psp ISO, would it work online? I am questioning if it would because doesnt the firmware have to be at a specific level to connect to psn? Cheers, Andy
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    Trouble Loading Certain ISOs on PSP Go

    Recently I've realized that certain games in ISO format have trouble loading on my PSP Go. I'm running 6.20 PRO Nightly. Two main games I'm having problems with are Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The reason I list them as separate games are because they are...
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    You can play isos?

    i read someone say something about playing iso's on your psp (though ofcourse still psp game iso's). if thats true can anyone tell me how to do it?
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    Running ISOs causes system shutdown

    I am running 5.50 GEN-B on a psp 1000 and I had no problem playing games on it until today. I put Disgaea 2 onto the memory card and it ran fine for around 10 minutes until it crashed. Since that game crashing every time I choose and ISO on the memory card the psp shuts down. Any ideas on...
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    Can i play isos from usb by any program

    Can i play isos from usb by any program on psp 1001 6.20 pro b9
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    How do I play iso's on 5.00 m33-6

    I cannot figure it out at all :/
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    Playing ISOs on CFW

    I searched for a similar thread but I could not find one explaining the problem I'm having. I'm trying to play ISOs from my psp memory stick. I have CFW 5.00 M-33 6 I downloaded UMD Emulator, put the two folders in the game folder of my memory stick, and put an ISO folder on the root of my...
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    Adhoc for ISOs?

    If I have 2 PSPs same model, same CFW, same ISO game running, will they be able to Adhoc to each other? That is, if we both have the same ISO of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, will we be able to play together? Or is that somehow restricted to UMDs?
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    PSX ISO's info please

    Is it possible to play PSX ISO's straight from the ISO file without converting it to eboot on my psp 3003 lme-7??
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    Problem with ISO's

    ISO's wont show up on my psp but CSO games work fine is there anyway i can get it to read both if so please tell me ;3
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    Patch ISOs with iso tool

    I got a PSP go and a few games arent running. The isos are raw and unaltered, so i dont know what the problem is. They worked on 5.50 Prome-4, but not on 6.20 PRO-B8. So im trying to patch the games to see if it helps anything. Can someone run me through the process of patching a game with the...
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