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    Arranging ISO/CSO's in alphabetical order?

    Evening all :) I used to use a plugin to arrange my games by name but not can I only not remember the name of this wonderful plugin but I don't even know if it would work on a PSPGo on 6.35 PRO-b4 Can anyone recommend such a tool? OCD is getting the better of me :'( -L
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    PSP won't play certain ISO/CSO's.

    I was recently able to put 6.35 PRO-B6 on my 02g PSP-2001 to my delight. I have been able to play most of my games from the memory stick, but some such as Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley give me the error "The Game could not be started (8002013c)". I read the error log sticky and it...
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