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    I have a quick IR Shell question!!!

    Okay, about two or three weeks ago I was reading something in the fourms section of this site about ir shell 4.8 being able to find its own codes to control a tv. I have had no success with the last few editions of this hack and I would like to find a remote code or hack that can control "VIZIO"...
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    ir keyboard

    now i used the search feture to make sure no double posts but alol i found was one archive post and lots of things about quake with ir keyboard so i apologize if this is a double post now i just got a psp fat so pretty much what is the best keyboard to get (by best i mean cheapest that works)...
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    can i get ir shell on psp 3000 6.35 pro a2

    plz tell me , i read and searched on internet that latest version of ir shell is 5.2 but its not working , any body can help me , any suggestions, my ofw is 6.35 and cfw is 6.35pro a2
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    Can I control my ps2 using my PSP 1000 IR port?

    I know it wouldn't really work all that well due to lack of dual sticks but I'm not exactly able to buy a real ps2 controller atm... Is there anyway to control the ps2 using my psp via some sort of hack... like the IR port or something? I know it can control TV... what about ps2?
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    IR Shell on 6.39 ME CFW doesn't work...

    Is there anywya to make IR Shell work on my PSP 1000 which is running 6.38 ME? I( dont want to go back to Gen, Prometheus or m33.... I'd rather stay on a cfw that allows me to play my UMD/Untouched ISOs without needing to patch them... Is there another cfw based on 6.39?
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