Intro is an American R&B trio from Brooklyn, New York City, New York. The trio consisted of members Jeff Sanders, Clinton "Buddy" Wike and lead singer/songwriter Kenny Greene. Formed in 1990, the group was discovered by rapper Heavy D, who introduced the group to DJ Eddie F. Eddie F signed the group to Untouchables Entertainment, and struck a deal with Atlantic Records in 1992. The group name is an acronym for "Innovative New Talent Reaching Out".The group had a string of US hits in the 1990s. Releasing two albums - 1993's Intro and 1995's New Life - they included the singles "Love Thang", "Let Me Be the One", a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon in the Sky", "Funny How Time Flies" and their highest-charting hit, "Come Inside". They additionally appeared on the Eddie F and the Untouchables collaboration album entitled Let's Get It On (in 1994), where their song "Never Again" was released as a single.They went on hiatus in 1997. Lead singer Greene, who had already penned early hits for Mary J. Blige, continued to write for other artists, like Will Smith, Cam'ron, 98 Degrees, Changing Faces and Tyrese. He later died in 2001, after suffering with AIDS. He sang background vocals on Will smith's Chasing forever on the big Willie style album.
In recent years, they have reformed, released new music and continue to tour worldwide as a duo.

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