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    Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive!

    How to raise your amount of formees fast To raise your number of formees you don't need to have any hearts. All you need to do is go on the internet and go to formee qr codes and scan it with the formee qr code scanner. It's that simple. I've done this before and there are hundreds of codes to...
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    Metropolis Street Racer: Old Internet Ranking

    Hi everyone, Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to DC-Talk for providing the modified Planetweb 3.0 browser. It's been a great tool for sending my VMU files to my PC via email (found a UK ISP with a DC compatible SMTP!) as well downloading saves that Dreamkey 3 can't. :D Now my question: I...
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    Howcome no one has made a internet cable for dreamcast?

    By that I mean, look at the SD adapter, someone had to have made that for the DC to register it as an SD card. Howcome no one has made a cable to fit there and output to ethernet (or USB, with a driver and a a program to use it, anything is possible) to work with some online games? Im sure its...
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    Would someone with internet connection to DC do this?

    Hey everyone, I'm wanting to know what would happen if you connected to the Sonic Adventure 2 homepage on the Dreamcast. I'm curious, would it still work? Thanks EDIT: The site is available with a simple google search!
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    Internet Browser wont open

    I click on the internet browser and the circle at the corner appears then disappears right away :( Help i have psp 1000 version m33_630
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    Not Enough Memory During Internet Browsing

    I'm running A fatty 1003 on 6.60 pro b-9. Just a quick question. While browsing online and loading in web pages I get an error message "Not Enough Memory.....blah blah blah" Is this normal or can I do something to fix it. Anybody else had any issues ? Thanks people
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    Internet without wireless router.

    I am wondering if there's possible to have some sort of accessories to get connect to the internet without needing wireless router. Because I had wireless router and then stopped using due to several computers in the house that requires cable at best speed and it's for business way. I wonder...
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    psp internet

    i want to run internet on my psp via usb can i run it with using shell 0.73.1 or some other homebrew
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    Psp go wont connect to internet

    Running 6.20 Pro B7. It just...won't connect anymore. Password is right, nothing has changed, using the same router i have had for 5 years. This is weird...i just booted it up and it quit connecting. The wi fi switch is on. The error just says check connection settings. Please help.
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    Taking Internet Channel OFF The PSP

    I know you can change looks, games, and all that jazz on the PSP, but is it possible to take a channel OFF the PSP? I want to take the internet channel off my PSP, how would I do that if possible?
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    My PSP will not connect to internet.

    Hello all, first off i have a PSP 3001 that I just upgraded from 6.35 PRO B to 6.39PRO B9, on both of these (the OFW and the CFW) I can not connect to my wifi. My psp finds the connection when i do a scan but when i try to connect it says that there is a connection error. If I go to work I can...
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    CFW and Internet

    Hi! I have a psp with pro-b8 on fw 6.20. Can I browse the internet with it without Sony noticing it (cuz of the cfw)? If yes should i use the official browser, or is there other better ones? thanks,
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    Internet not working after updating CFW 6.20 PRO B-9

    After updating my PSP from firmware OFW 6.20 to CFW 6.20 PRO-B9, all of a sudden my internet stopped working on my psp. It says I can access to an access point but then says a connection error has occured. I tried restarting my router and making sure my W-LAN was on. So I configured all my...
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