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    Interact Concept 4 Racing Wheel

    I picked up this racing wheel and pedals for DC at a local thrift store, all for the amazing price of only $1. The only thing about it is that Interact designed this peripheral to plug in with an electric power adapter to activate the rumble feature. The thrift store did not know where the power...
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    Interact Radius Racingpad?

    Was this thing ever released to the public? I have never seen one for sale ever. I've never seen the Alloy Arcade Stick either, but was able to google evidence that it existed as a purchasable product.
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    How is the Interact V3 fx Racing Wheel?

    I'm looking for a good wheel to use with Crazy Taxi and Hydro Thunder and the V3 fx popped on Ebay for pretty cheap ($35). Anyone got any experience with this wheel?
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