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  1. F

    Killer Instinct

    Arcade ModeThis feature is part of the March 2014 paid 'Season One' DLC.
  2. F

    Killer Instinct

    [h=3]Killer Instinct[/HEADING] Typed out by The Game Boy Brotherhood Killer Instinct Killer Intro The arcade hit goes portable! Nine of the original arcade characters have been faithfully recreated to deliver arcade excitement on Game Boy. Test your skills versus the computer in the Killer...
  3. F

    Killer Instinct (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Disable Blocking P2 nolberto82 C35-18B-C41 C30-1CA-C41 Top Fierce laser blade does more damage Galoob 88B-838-91E Top Fierce laser blade does no damage Galoob 00B-838-91E Top Fierce laser blade kills Galoob FFB-838-91E Top Fierce tiger fury does...
  4. F

    Killer Instinct

    How to play as Eyedol Choose any player and at the Vs. screen hold the Right button and press select,start,A,and B. Dave Poopika states it's B and then A!
  5. F

    Killer Instinct Gold

    801D3484 0069 Player 1 Infinite Energy 801D347C 0001 Player 1 Fast Jump/Walk 801D347D 0050 Player 1 Slow Jump/Walk 801D347E 0010 Player 1 Fast Punch/Kick 801D34D4 000A Player 1 Untouchable 801D34A1 00FF Player 1 Invisible 801D34A2 00XX Player 1 Character Size Modifier...
  6. F

    Power Instinct Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Play As Young Otane Move the cursor to Story Mode at the title screen. While pressing Up, press Start and B at the same time. If the SEGA logo appears, the code has worked. Now, go to the character select screen on any mode, highlight Otane, and choose her while holding Start.
  7. I

    Killer Instinct Chat

    We all remember this Fighter. It was great for it's time and still is. It started the U-U-ul-traa Combo phase :p Thoughts?
  8. F

    Killer Instinct Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Access the option screen You can access the option screen at the VS. screen by pressing Select.
  9. F

    Killer Instinct Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    3C61-D4DF Master code--Must be entered CBEC-37AF + 6DE8-3D0F + 6D64-44D5 Play as Eyedol CB64-4D61 Start a game and watch the ending (use practice mode to select different characters) CCE8-47D2 Win after 1 victory C8E8-47D2 Win after 2 victories CAE8-47D2 Win...
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