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    Help installing cfw on slim 2003

    Hi, Been off the psp scene for a little while.....(been concentrating on ps3 lately) Just a little pointer please. I'm wanting to install cfw on my friend psp for him. He's currently running a slim 2003 model with 3.90ofw. My psp is a phat 1003 on 5.50 Prometheus 3 I already have Pandora...
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    black screen psp go after installing gameboot

    I installed gameboot on my psp go, some screens was working but the last video haved an error and the psp put on black screen, now i cant boot anything, can have a fix for it? thanks
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    Help installing Torky's M33 6.20 Plugin

    Alright first things first.. if you didnt read my signature already, my PSP is a Model 1000 (Fat) and i just upgraded to firmware version 5.50 GEN-D3. also, i received this PSP hacked and ready to go, only thing ive done is upgrade the old firmware and installed a few plugins. im pretty much a...
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    my psp won't load up after installing CFW

    it's psp slim, dunno what's the motherboard model, i think the OFW version is 5.03 . here how i started, I loaded the ChickHENR2 to my psp, than using Hellcat's Recovery Flasher i tried to load into a 5.00 M33-4 CFW, all seemed to going well until the installing is finished and the flasher said...
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    Steps after installing CFW?

    I've recently upgraded my cfw from 3.03 oe-a to 5.50 GEN-D3. Right now, I'm merely trying to figure out how to play roms. But I can't find any tutorials on how to configure my mem stick: like under which folder the rom files go, and what I need to make my emulator run. I have loaded right now...
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    Help installing plugins, screen cracked...

    So my screen cracked awhile back, so I have been using my component cable as a temporary fix. But the thing is when I try to access the recovery menu it will not display through the cables. I was able to install 5.50 gen D2 blindly(some updates don't display either), but will not risk messing...
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    Installing homebrew?

    I've finally enabled my PSP for homebrew using 6.20 PRO-B4. I looked through the tutorials and I can't find much information on installing homebrew apps. Is it just like PSPIdent where you put it into the GAME folder of the PSP, or is there a different process to it?
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    Installing cwcheat

    I looking for a way to install cwcheat on my psp but my attemps failed i only know that i have a psp 6.35 3001 with 635 hen by coldbird & vf.
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    Installing game data on psp

    Couldn't find an answer for this anywhere so I figured I'd ask myself. Is there any reason for me to install game data for my psp games on my psp for faster loads, etc., or do I get these perks by simply having the entire .iso on my memory card already? Don't wanna waste the extra memory if I...
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    Need Help Installing CWCheats!!!

    Hello, I just got a PSP and I'm having a real blast with it! However, now I would like to install CWCheats into it but the problem is there is no set instruction on how it should be installed. At first I seem to understand but then it just doesn't show up. I need help!!! Can someone help me...
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    Installing using popsloader for 6.XX

    Hi I'm still not entirely sure how to use plugins and I got the pops loader for 6.XX and put it in my plugins folder. I've also tried adding the two lines, -ms0:/seplugins/popscore.prx 1 -ms0:/seplugins/popsloader.prx 1 to either game.txt of pops.txt in various combinations. They show up that...
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    Need help installing CFW 6.20 PRO B8

    hey havent been on in a while but i need a guide or something of the sort to install the new PSP CFW 6.20 PRO B8 i am currently not running a cfw cause my psp stopped running the cfw:'( , dont know why though Any tutorials or guides would be appreciated
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    need help installing psp pro cfw

    hi all im having a few problems updating my firmware on my psp curently im running psp 5.50 GEN-D (full) but would like to update to the psp pro firmware im getting multiple problems with the install its either complaining that i am not on a pro firmware so i cant update or its saying im not...
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    Question about installing 2 cfw on psp 1000

    as I mentioned in my previous thread I'm looking at upgrading my psp 1000 which is currently on 5.00m33-6, need to first see if I can get the pandora batter functional again(as a backup incase of brick) should have taken it out once in awhile and charged it tho I had no idea it would die if I...
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    Help with installing Prxshot-0.4.0

    I have seen the thread: I have also seen the installation on the thread Copy the prxshot directory to the seplugins directory (or anywhere you want) and add the plugin to the game.txt file...
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