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    Hellcat's Pandora Installer Rev 4B help

    I'm trying to use Hellcat's Pandora Installer Rev 4B on my PSP phat 6.37 ofw woth a 4Gb memory stick pro duo. But I get some error using it: In the menu: Error 0x80020146 loading/starting kstuff.prx. When I try to make a magix ms it says: Error 0x80030246 losfinh/starting libpdstdumper.prx...
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    Help with Pandora Installer??

    Hey guys, i have my psp-1000 and a friend's hacked one (also 1000). I followed the guide called "how to downgrade your psp and upgrade to custom firmware" - Because my PSP is version 6.31 OFW, i used...
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