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    Dreamcast not reading controller input

    Ok, so I dig out my dreamcast after a month or so of no use at all, and now the dreamcast won't read the controller input. So, after a good bit of testing, I got my other dreamcast out. It wouldn't read either. So I borrow my friend's controller, still nothing. I try playig quake iii with...
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    silly computer having a hard time taking vga input

    I've been slowly trying to get around to recording videos to share, and while i have all the hardware (i think), it appears that my current computer (a tiny gateway netbook), doesn't interpret vga input. My last computer (a much heftier gateway solo pro laptop, that lasted me 9 years and was...
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    CRT 4:3 aspect ratio TVs with VGA input

    I know that this has been discussed once or twice, and I remember that there are a couple of Sony Trinitron models that have VGA input, that are considered very good, but I don't know which exact models and searching led me to nothing. What I want to know, is which brands/models of CRT TVs...
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    remotejoylite v.19 input problems

    Im trying to use a pc controller for the remotejoy input, but everything is all screwy. I know that it detects my controller cause the analog axis moves. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what did you do to fix it(if it was fixed)? I have tried remotejoylite v. 0.19 and v0.20a...
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