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    Extra Innings Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Eight perfect guys, and one half perfect guy If you want to create the ultimate team, then here's the tip for you. When editing your team, make the first four guys perfect in every category. With the left over points, make the best guy you can get. You're thinking, that gives you four good...
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    Extra Innings Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Extra Inning's DFBE-ADAD + DFBF-DF6F + DFB4-0FDF Game lasts 1 inning D4BE-ADAD + D4BF-DF6F + D4B4-0FDF Game lasts 2 innings D7BE-ADAD + D7BF-DF6F + D7B4-0FDF Game lasts 3 innings D0BE-ADAD + D0BF-DF6F + D0B4-0FDF Game lasts 4 innings D9BE-ADAD + D9BF-DF6F + D9B4-0FDF...
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