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    Best Japanese Imports?

    What are some of the best games for the Dreamcast that were only released in Japan? I would like to get some but I wouldn't know where to start. Any genre is fine. Obviously they would have to be playable without having to read Japanese. I look through eBay for Dreamcast stuff all the time and I...
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    Good way to play imports?

    I would like to get into imports on my Dreamcast. Saturn is easy just needed the passport cart. I got a u.s. DC just bought Headhunter for like 25 bucks but does any one know an easy way to play it on a u.s. DC. I don't mind if its the swap trick I would just like to get one thing that can play...
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    Suggestions for good quality imports

    Hey guys, so my U.S. collection is pretty solid right now but I'm looking to expand into the imports. I'm aware of the pricey expensive SHMUPS like Zero Gunner 2 and Under Defeat. I'm hoping to get lucky getting them without giving an arm and a leg :roll: Do any of you have recommendations...
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