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    The cost of Importing Dreamcast circa 98-99 to the US

    While going through my collection of Dreamcast publications. I found this nice little booklet in one of my copies of Tips and Tricks Magazine. Oh the wonders of purchasing imports via magazine adverts 8-)
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    save importing problems dissidia duodecim

    im trying to import save game from dissidia to dissidia duodecom but it comes up corrupted, it works on the origanal dissidia, i resintly converted the save from us to eu so that i could verse people with an eu version, so is there any reason why i should fail to load the save file Edit: thw...
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    help about importing prologus to dissidia duodecim

    well i got US versions on both hands but it says corrupt data when i try to IMPORT the prologus data...
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