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    dreamcast "online" idea... maybe very dumb

    So after dropping the "gauntlet legends" bomb in a previous thread, it got me thinking... That game supports multiplayer function via the vmu (meaning, if your character is saved on one, and your friends is on another, you just carry your vmu with you to whom'ever has the dreamcast). I...
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    OpenDC Project ? Modem Idea

    Well I was looking at the Open Pandora Project, which is a community supported project that was made by a small group. Basically I was thinking about The VM Scene, that pretty much died, The Dreamcast 2 that Most likely will never come to life, the BBA, SD Cards, and a controller that has dual...
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    Had An Idea Today

    So today I was watching a guy on youtube who made a Sega Genesis, Sega Cd and 32X into one system using a Sega Saturn. Now what I was wondering was could I use the Saturn body and put a Dreamcast and Genesis in it ? Is it even possible to do such a thing ?
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    Idea: Sega Should Re-release the Dreamcast

    This is an idea I just came up with and wanted to see what other people thought of it. I'm sure it will never happen but here it is anyway: Sega should re-release the Dreamcast as a budget console and sell it for around $50 - $100 US. I would think they could still make a profit off of it since...
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    Samsung SOH-R48 lens - Any idea where I can get one?

    Hello. I am trying to find the Samsung SOH-R48 lens which has the square pickup to use to replace my Dreamcast lens so would anyone know where I can get one? I found one on OPTICAL PICKUP SOHR48 (17PIN/19MM CONNECTOR) [SOHR48] - US$10.00 : Alltronic, One Stop Online Shopping but shipping is...
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    homebrew games and a idea

    i been looking at some games for the dreamcast and got my eyes on the ng team and hucast games of amazing games they did and release for the dreamcast. (getting some as soon i save enough money to get them.) but i was wondering if their any other companys that make good homebrew games that no...
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    Idea for dreamcast multiplayer

    I was researching BBSs and retro computing and i saw the old acoustic couplers and thought those where cool how you could use a phone to connect to another computer. I was looking at my Dreamcast and was wondering why no homebrew games utilized this? Just imagine you and a friend playing a SHMUP...
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    Dreamcast Piggy Bank Idea

    What if there was a piggy bank modeled after a Dreamcast console? You could open up the lid and put in coins, bills, and nonsensical stuff people put in piggy banks for a cheap laugh, like a FaceBank holding a cigarette in its mouth. It would be even cooler if there was a battery-powered DC...
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    Idea to get us even more Dreamcast online users :)

    If someone knows Adam Koralik, or Mark from CGR, or other popular youtube dreamcast channels. We should send them Dreampi kits so they can show tons of people the world of Dreamcast online :) Just a thought
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    Fresh Memory card, no idea what CFW to use

    let me start off by saying, i'm a total PSP noob, I got a PSP for my birthday 2 days ago, it's a Slim 2001, but thats all i know, it was used, and the barcode on the bottom is worn off. But I do know it can be hacked, it shipped pre hacked on 5.50 Prometheus 4, only issue is it came with a 1GB...
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