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  1. C

    Dreamcast Icons for Windows Desktop

    Got bored and made some icons for my DC folders on my Windows desktop....first try hopefully more to come. :mrgreen: Anyone know where to get some ones already made??
  2. C

    6.35 PRO-B3, can't reorganize XMB icons for ISO's

    I use Filer to fix the order (alphabetize) the game icons in the XMB. I put two more ISO's on PSP memory stick (copied them from the internal memory using my computer; it's a PSP go), and suddenly none of the ISO icons want to be moved up or down the list. The two newest ones are stuck at the...
  3. C

    take icons off psp?

    i need help to take the Sign up for Music Unlimited icon on my psp 2000 its hacked can you give me any ideas to do this
  4. C

    How to extract icons from eboot?

    I want to extract the icons from a psx eboot, but psxtopsp does not do that. Is there a program that does?
  5. C

    Is there a reason why filer 6.6 isnt reordering my icons?

    I shows the icon in order when I run the filer app but it doesnt actually change the icons.
  6. C

    How to reorder icons manually? 6.39PRO8

    Filer 6.6 doesn't seem to work so is there a way to do it manually? Thanks!
  7. F

    Three new post icons added

    These are for the gameboy area of the site, the new icons include: DS GBA Gameboy Please use these when chatting in the gameboy forums
  8. F

    new smilies & post icons

    There are several more to choose from now.
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