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    Hucast Turnaround?

    So I ordered Alice's Mom's Rescue and Dux 1.5 (or whichever was in the bundle they had) from Hucast a little over 2 weeks ago, and I haven't gotten an email since the order confirmation. Is that normal?
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    Hucast website down?

    Yo I've been away quite a while, sorry. I miss yous guys. Hope you're doing well. Black Friday is quickly approaching. I remember hucast used to put some items on discount during that time. But now it seems their site is down and I can only get their games from other websites? I wanted to get...
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    Hucast Games.

    I'm curious. There is a new website but no mention of the dreamcast or indeed any games for pre-order. Same on their facebok page - The ghost Blade for ps4 and xbox is the only information of note and this is the only game on their site. Maybe the website is still under construction? Redux 2...
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