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    Psp housing

    Where is the best place on the internet to buy full psp 1000 housing, that comes with evrything? I dont care about price im looking for really good quality.
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    Where to get PSP Housing / Faceplates?

    I want to possibly do some Hardmodding to my slim. Are there any sites in particular that sell good Faceplate Kits? I'm looking for something clear at the moment. I want to do something similar with my DS Lite.
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    Please help - PSP Housing

    Hey guys, first post on this forum, I'll hopefully be a very active member. Ok, so I bought a used japanese psp 2000 from a guy, but it was pink, which I didn't mind that much but I wanted white, so I bought this...
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    UMD laser or housing psp 2001 issue

    I recently bought a highly beat up PSP 2001 from a pawn shop. I got a really good deal on it, so I didn't pass it up. Besides an obvious analog pad issue (I'm gonna replace it) it also has an issue when playing UMD games. The issue I have is that whenever I play a UMD game, I "randomly" get...
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    PSP Phat Fully Transparent Replacement Housing

    Hey guys, I've been searching through dealextreme and amazon for the last half an hour, but I can't seem to find just what I'm looking for: a fully transparent replacement house (with buttons and everything) for my PSP 1000. I saw a few that were transparent but with color, but I want just a...
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    Transparent Replacement Housing

    I was thinking of getting a Transparent Replacement Housing But I've never installed one before, so all I'd need to do is remove the motherboard and slip it inside of that? And should the Back door/Screws come with it?
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    Anyone know a good site for housing

    I'm in need of a PSP housing case that has all the screws and buttons and what not, anyone know a website that ships them out fast for a good price? I think it's a 2001 model (Originally the Blue madden PSPs)
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    1000 screws fitting a 2001 housing?

    Will PSP1000 screw set fit in a 2001 housing?? I found a really cheap set on Amazon that has free two day shipping so can't complain.
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