Hörde is a Stadtbezirk ("City District") and also a Stadtteil (Quarter) in the south of the city of Dortmund, in Germany.
Hörde is situated at 51°29' North, 7°30' West, and is at an elevation of 112 metres above mean sea level. It is situated in the southern part of Dortmund, a major town in the Ruhrgebiet.
It is made up of the areas of Wellinghofen, Höchsten, Benninghofen, Loh, Holzen, Sommerberg, Syburg, and Wichlinghofen, as well as Hörde itself. The region was formerly a heavy industry area, particularly for the production and working of steel.
The river Emscher flows through Hörde. It flows through the former "Phoenix" industrial park, which is currently being restored to a natural area. When finished, the Emscher will once again be a clean river, and there will be a lake (Phoenix-See).

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