Hoops & Yoyo (stylized as hoops&yoyo) is an animated franchise by Hallmark Cards that centers around the titular pair of hyperactive and rambunctious characters. The characters were created by Bob Holt and Mike Adair in 2003, who also voice the duo. While the franchise is primarily a line of greeting cards, the characters also had a website that featured: e-cards, animated episodes, an "Ask hoops & yoyo" section, desktop and phone wallpapers, audio snippets, IM icons, fan photos, interactive monthly calendars, a blog, a podcast, games, and merchandise available for purchase. The plotlines for Hoops & Yoyo-related content center around the titular characters having fun and enjoying life, occasionally alongside their other friends. The last piece of content produced for the franchise to date was the fourth episode of its podcast in 2015.

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