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    Alien Hominid (GCN/AR/NTSC-U)

    Alien Hominid [DOL-GAHEGG-NOA]; Game-ID: 53A (m) [Ralf] NVVE-JBWR-62ZA3 JZ1D-681G-AKHNY Unlock All Hats [Ralf] 56W8-67A0-0NZ1Q VA0T-ZQQ9-7K8KV Unlock All Levels [Ralf] KFRB-11T3-VQAMW XCWN-1MUU-2A556 Unlock All Mini-Games [Ralf] ZH9F-FM9G-13NZK YKWP-0PRF-FM6XC Infinite Lives [Ralf]...
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    Alien Hominid (GCN/WIIRD/NTSC-U)

    Unlock All Hats [Ralf] 004F5C41 001E0001 Unlock All Levels [Ralf] 004F5C60 00120009 Unlock All Mini-Games [Ralf] 044F5C74 03010101 Infinite Lives [Ralf] 06003900 00000010 281A026D 41820008 48041699 48040E40 04044748 4BFBF1B8 Infinite Continues [Ralf] 06003E00 00000014 7FE5FB78 281A01B5...
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    Alien Hominid (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Access All Levels MadCatz C7C5AEDE3387 Top Access All Mini Games MadCatz 6DDE20EC6234 Top Have Hi-Score MadCatz...
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    Alien Hominid

    Area 51 Hat Get to level 3-1. Blond Hair Beat the final boss on Hard mode. Curly Hair Wig Blow up the Fish are like plants building in level 1-5. Dimond tirera Beat level 2-2 on Hard. Extra life When there is a flower in the ground dig next to it and you will get a life. Hidden Hats...
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