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    Is Hen 6.37 in development? Or not?

    My friend accidentally updated my 6.35 hen psp to ofw 6.37 so now hen doesn't work anymore and I was wondering if a hen for ofw 6.37 is in development and if it is in development if there is any updates on the development and if we have an idea of when it will come out, or is it not coming out...
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    PSX loader and Capture Function for Signed Hen?

    I've looked around but haven't seen anything in regards to whether or not there's a PSX Loader that works with Sign HEN(6.31) as well as if there is a recording/capture type plugin compatible with it. And if there is would anyone be willing to explain how I'd get it set up (new to this all)?
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    Running BBCSII on PSP Go 6.31 HEN with prometheous ISO Loader

    I'm going to be buying a PSP Go soon with ofw 6.31, but before I do i'm just wondering if I'll have any problems playing BlazBlue Continuum Shift II with 6.31 HEN and prometheus iso loader? I know I've had problems running a few other games before with prom iso loader, so I want to make sure...
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    HEN for 6.30

    my friend is has psp 3004 and firmware 6.30 is there any way that i can hack his psp ?
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    Downgrading/Reverting PSP3000 6.20 Firmware Version back to 5.03 Custom Firmware Hen

    Guys does anyone knows how to revert back or downgrade a PSP3000 from its original firmware 5.03 chickHEN support, I accidentally updated my firmware to 6.20 and chickHEN does not support that firmware version. Also PANDORA's BATTERY is not working for PSP3000. Is there any way I can revert...
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    Need help changing custom firmware from 6.35 Hen to something with emulators.

    Hi. my current psp is a psp 1001, and i would like to have it running a cfw that is capable of running emulators...i would like to run ps1 emulators, nes, snes and gameboy emulators...i currently do not have a pandora's battery my psp is running 635Hen by coldbird and virtuous flame, and...
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