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    Haunting Ground (PAL)

    Haunting Ground (PAL) - Action Replay MAX (M) (Jay007) AZR5-241B-YVBW4 NFWX-8TQJ-JDZF0 Infinite Stamina Hewie (Jay007) VM8P-6XRA-KZ8Z6 XE13-P0YV-M5CY2 QDXE-TX0B-NPCK8 Infinite Stamina (Jay007) B4DM-F0RT-2Y20F HKJ7-4A2U-QU6D4 Fiona Is Always Calm (Jay007) DFW7-3C2D-CQ315 TMYP-V6NU-F7VQK...
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    Haunting Starring Polterguy Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Level Skip and Extra Points In the first house, enter the grandfather clock in the dining room by pressing A. While in the clock, press B, C, C, B. Press A again to exit the clock. You'll now have 15,000 points and be in the second house. In the second house, enter the toilet in the Jacuzzi...
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