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    1up.cpm/UGO are SEGA Haters!

    http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3179125 This editorial is just plain biased,wrong and misleading. As a SEGA fan this is the type of bullshit that gets you're blood boiling. Every since UGO(these people think SEGA is doomed) took over 1up after EGM bowed out, they've bashed Sega left and...
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    PS Vita's good start heralds slim pickings for the console haters

    Ever considered that the rise of mobile phone games might be due to the recent -- soon to be rectified -- lack of new consoles?. Even if mobile phones, let alone the App Store and Android, hadn't yet been invented, it would be surprising if, at this moment in time, sales of console games weren't...
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