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    Bit.Trip Saga

    Various Nintendo 3DS Achievements Achievement How to unlock Bit.tripper Register a high score on the leaderboards. Bonus.get Complete a bonus challenge. Burger.mouth Burger mouth. Deja.vu Repel 100 Beats. Endure Complete a level in one sitting. Flawless.impetus Get a PERFECT score...
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    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

    Hard Mode Beat the game.
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    A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build

    Various Steam Achievements Achievement How to unlock A few good snowmen Completed the game. Butterfly collector Found all the butterflies. Dreamt a beautiful dream Completed the dream world.
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    Die Hard: Vendetta

    Cheat CodesFor this next game, all cheats codes must be entered at main menu screen. The cheat will then flash at the top of the screen if you entered it correctly. "Flame On" Mode (Character models on fire): B, X, Y, B, X, Y "Hot Hands" Mode (Punch enemies to set them on fire): X, B, Y...
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    silly computer having a hard time taking vga input

    I've been slowly trying to get around to recording videos to share, and while i have all the hardware (i think), it appears that my current computer (a tiny gateway netbook), doesn't interpret vga input. My last computer (a much heftier gateway solo pro laptop, that lasted me 9 years and was...
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    Its hard to make the best looking dreamcast better...

    In my opinion, its impossible to make the best looking dreamcast even better. (unless i ever find the black but non-smokeblack & non-sggg vmu & a black mouse...) But damn am I trying. I've added official dreamcast clear plugs to my modified color controllers. The only two that are still not...
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    Hard to find games, etc...

    I know there are a lot of you guys out there that are looking for games and accessories for the Dreamcast. I've had the same problem but I've found the cure to this problem for most things that are hard to find. Here are a few websites that will really help you out. Enjoy! 1. Ebay-Pretty...
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    I Find It Hard To Play My DC

    Hey there everybody I really didn't know a place to put this but I think this is the right place for it. Well anyway as of lately I have been finding it hard for me to sit down and play my Dreamcast. The only systems that I have been playing are my Xbox 360 and Sega Genesis. I keep picking up...
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    How hard is it to get a complete US collection?

    I absolutely adore the dreamcast, and would like to get a full collection for it. How difficult would this be, and what would be the hardest titles to find?
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    New DreamShell 4 RC2 play games off your External Hard Drive

    New DreamShell 4 RC2 play games off your External Hard Drive Will be released soon. Instead of sd card adapter in serial port, you can plug your external hard drive to a serial connector. Possible rival to GDEMU. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BdlohOHS5A
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    Evolution 2is so damn hard to get !!!

    This is the last game I need to finish my full PAL dreamcast collection and I'll be dammed if I can get my hands on a copy. I bid £110 on one recently and it ended up going for £116 Then I found one on the German eBay but he refused to ship to the uk... it ended up selling for less than £70...
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    Sega Hard Girls TV Show

    For those who might be interested, the anime show Sega Hard Girls (Hi-sCoool SeHa Girls) has the upcoming episode which will place them in the world of PSO (episode 11, to air on 12/17/2014). Btw, episode 10 placed them in the world of Jet Set Radio (this episode is not typical of the series)...
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    Dreamcast Hard Drive Mod?

    So I saw someone posted a link to this [GUIDE e TUTORIAL] Dreamcast DevBios + G1ATA Harddisk MOD in the Dreamcast Gamers page on facebook. Is there a version of this in English? Because it looks pretty cool from what I can gather.
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    Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas

    Cheat codesTo use cheats, pause the game (press ESC) and then just enter them: All Modes: painless = God Mode fogging = Fogging on/off followme = Move Camera Sharpshooting Mode: weapons = All Weapons ammo = Unlimited Ammo autoreload = Autoreload on/off autofire = Autofire...
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    Rumor: Next Xbox Will Require That Games Be Installed On Hard Drive

    Source: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2013/03/21/rumor-next-xbox-will-require-that-games-be-installed-on-hard-drive.aspx According to a report based on leaked Xbox development documents published at the website The Verge, users will be required to install disc-based games on the...
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    Hard Corps: Uprising

    30 livesSuccessfully complete the game. You can now purchase 30 lives at the upgrade shop for 53 million CP.
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    Die Hard: Vendetta

    Be Invincible Go to the main menu and press L, R, L, R, L, R, L, R. Bullets Explode Go to the main menu and press L, R, Z, Y, B. Enemies Punched Are Set On Fire Go to the main menu and press B, Y, L, L. Get Big Head Mode Go to the main menu and press R, R, L, R. Get Liquid metal...
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    Nintendo admits Wii U was a hard sell at E3 press conference

    But those who play it understand, says Iwata. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted the platform holder wasn't able to convey the magic of the Wii U on stage at the E3 press conference, but said those who got hands-on time with the new console were able to understand what makes it...
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    psp hard case for psp with crystal case?

    I just recently got my psp 3000 new and I really like protecting my stuff from fingerprints, scratches and everything that ruins its condition. I searched around and have recently bought the joytron psp brite crystal case since it looks sleek and has good protection. This is it...
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    Die Hard Cheat Codes (for Turbografx)

    Debug mode Press Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Up, Run at the title screen. | [Sent by Neto] Unlimited continues Hold I and press Run at the title screen. | [Sent by Neto]
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