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    When in the F*** Did this happen?

    What in the hell is going on with retro gaming prices lately? I have collected, purged, bought, and traded video game stuff for almost 14 years now. I have seen games that sold for at most 10 dollars in 2012 go for 50+ dollars in 2015. I have seen games that were going for 50 dollars in 2012 go...
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    Pressed disc version of Half life could it happen ?

    Everyone in the dreamcast community knows that there was a dreamcast version of half life that never got official released and was later leaked online. Since half for the dreamcast is already a fully completed game do you think valve would allow one of the distributors of indie dreamcast games...
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    What Would Happen . . .

    What Would Happen If I Deleted The PRX file Used In Permanent Patch In 6.20 Pro b5 . . . Thnx in advance!
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