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    Happy Halloween! - Scary Dreamcast Video Thread

    Happy Halloween fellow Dreamcasters! To celebrate, post a scary Dreamcast-related YouTube video! It can be a frightening moment in a Dreamcast game, gameplay of your favorite scary DC game, or just a scary video that features a Dreamcast in some way. :D Here's my Halloween Special to kick things...
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    Halloween Dreamcast titles

    What title will you be playing to get you in the mood for the season? Personally, I will probably play some Zombie Revenge in an attempt at actually beating the game for the first time or trying something new with Nanatsu no Hikan: Senritsu no Bishou, or Ilbleed. Also, I have limited...
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    A Halloween Story of Dreamcast Horror

    The following events are a TRUE story... Quick back story: Bought a DC from a private seller. Got it cheap because the controller ports were not working. (Easy fix) After fixing the controller ports, the system was working fine. The system also came with 2 controllers. A candy red one and a...
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    Halloween Cheat Codes (for Atari 2600)

    Alternate Head Approach the left or right edge of the screen. Carefully move towards the exit, without leaving, to place a dash on your character's head. | [Sent by Stryker82]
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