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    Yu Yu Hakusho – Ghost Files: Tournament Tactics - Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Yu Yu Hakusho – Ghost Files: Tournament Tactics on Nintendo Game Boy Advance (GBA). These codes were also known as GameShark Codes and in most cases will work on both devices. These codes are for the U.S. version of the game. Master Code –...
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    Yu YU Hakusho II

    Fight Against ToguroPassword: ABEBA
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    Yuu Yuu Hakusho

    Enable all fightersEnter BABYBABY as a password.
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    Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final

    Bonus characterPress Y(7), X(7), A(7) when "Push Start" appears on the opening screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. A character from the movie will be unlocked.
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    Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2

    Hidden charactersPress Down, Up, L(2), R(2), Y, X, A, Y at the title screen.
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    Yuu Yuu Hakusho Special

    Transform fightersWait until the phrase "Presented By" completely appears on the title screen. The, quickly press B, A, B, Y, B, A, B, Y. Highlight one of the characters that can change shapes and press L.
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    Yuu Yuu Hakusho II (J) [T+Eng] game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Also Known As: Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Gekitou! Nakyou KTatakai (J) Pro Action Replay Codes: Infinite Health - 00C408:80
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    Yuu Yuu Hakusho (J) game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Also Known As: Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Horobishi Mono no Gyakushuu (J) Pro Action Replay Codes: Invulnerability - 00CB25:FF 1 Hit Kills Bosses - 00CE2A:01 Infinite Health During Boss Battles - 00CE8B:50 Invisible - 00CB25:63 Infinite Health - 00CB19:50 -Rune Game Genie Codes: Invulnerability -...
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    Yu-Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Beat 4th Saint Beast Here are the directions on how to beat Suzaku: First, start hitting him until he splits into 7 guys. Use shotgun until he's 1 guy again. When you have low health and energy, go to the bottom left and right of the area. You will find power-ups. Repeat. Power-ups will...
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    Yu Yu Hakusho 2 Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    In-game reset Hold A + B + C, then press Start during game play.
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    Yu Yu Hakusho Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Alternate costume colors Select team mode or two player tournament mode. Press Start to select a team, then hold Start and press Up.
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