Gridders is a 1994 puzzle video game developed by Tetragon and published by The 3DO Company for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer. It was also included as a pack-in game for the 3DO Blaster, an add-on produced and designed by Creative Labs to allow Microsoft Windows to play 3DO games. The game follows Zack, a worker for the Gridder Corporation run by Lazarus R. Trench, and his dog companion Fidex entering the factory in order to reach a mysterious secret within its basement. The player acts as Zack and must explore 36 floors, navigating squares and collecting pyramid keys by solving puzzles, while avoiding Gridder blocks and obstacles.
Gridders was the creation of Tetragon, a Texas-based game developer founded in 1993 by Mark Skaggs, known for leading the team that created the Facebook game FarmVille at Zynga. It was produced by Skaggs and designed by Jim Von Ehr, with Joey Bryant serving as lead artist, while the music was scored by Doug Benson. The game was met with mixed reception from critics, some of which reviewed it as an import title. Tetragon would go on to port Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller for the 3DO and develop NanoTek Warrior for the PlayStation.

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