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    Does gpSP work when running 6.35 Pro B3

    Does anyone know if gpSP works with 6.35 Pro B3, or is it just with HEN type stuff? I search the forums high and low and couldn't find the answer. Just wondering if I should bother trying to install it. Thanks very much.
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    help with gpsp kai v3.2 ff1 & ff2 DoS cheats

    ok so i downgraded my psp firmware to 6.20 and flashed the Pro-B9 CFW, later i downloaded gpSP kai 3.2 and got it up and running the only problem is that i cant get any cheats to work on the damn thing....i've been through at least 20 TUts and nothing.... ive tried both gameshark_v3 nd PAR_v3...
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    Uo gpsp cheats not working help!

    I tried to put cheats on UO GPSP and they won't show up. I tried it on GPSP 0.9 and they work fine but GPSP 0.9's screen isn't full and I prefer UO GPSP. Here is how I put the code. gameshark_v3 (game name) (code) and they work on GPSP 0.9 but not UO GPSP.
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