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    PSP GPS questions.

    i want to buy the GPS adaptor off ebay, heres my question.. im running a phat with CFW 5.00 M33-6 anyone using one of these adaptors with this CFW? if so which one did you buy? im living in Japan so i need to buy a US unit so when i come home it will still work..or does that even matter...
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    Good price for GPS

    Me and my dad are going on a trip in order to save him from frustration in driving I wish to buy a GPS extension for my PSP(3000). My PSP's software is unaltered in anyway. I would like to know what place on the net is best were I can buy a GPS extension at a great price.
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    Another psp gps thread!!! Lol/ DLC

    hey i was probably one of the only few that actually bought go explore umd and the uk psn map pack legitly lol no matter my problem i have recently lost the umd while moving to a new house:'( so has it ever been found possible to use a legitly bought psn map pack with an ISO? is there a way...
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