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    Psp 3000 6.20 Pro B9 Pspfiler and gotube

    Is there any similar programs or versions that work with 6.20, i was using 5.03 chickhen but i decided to move on and i want these programs.
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    GOTUBE problems

    started about 2 months ago and its time i start asking for support. all other repositories are working EXCEPT for iserver. doesnt load anything. as you can see from the screenshot above, if you click on iserver it tries to load and then disapeers. does this happen to anybody else? anybody...
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    Psp browser Gotube help

    ok so i got a reply about the homebrew firmware that lets you watch youtube on you psp called Gotube right? well i went there and found out to install it you have to have a computer i dont have access to one at the moment and i was wondering if anyone knew how to download it from the psp browser
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