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    strange, some goodies from pso-world, are they v2 findable?

    I really want this; - Items - Heart of Poumn After seeing how it looks in-game. Is the picture posted of the dc version a legit item? Does this drop in version 2 games? Also, most of the mag kits (console mag cells), and hearts (like devil , kapu kapu, & chu chu), say that...
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    Crazy Taxi 2 'Another Day' VMU files & other goodies

    Having just played Crazy Taxi 1 in the current DC competition, I was reminded about the VMU mods Sega Hitmaker made for Crazy Taxi 2. They were hosted on the official CT2 webpage along with score rankings and other goodies. I think there were 4 in total but please correct me if I'm wrong...
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    New Dreamcast Goodies

    Our Eastern connection, DreamcastGaga store has provided me with some great items from Japan. Dream point bank items :mrgreen: that I only wish I could have had back in the day. You can find the store and blog: Dreamcastgaga Anyway I'll let the DC pron do the talking. The carbon controller and...
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    Downloadable goodies from Sega of Japan

    SoJ just reached 200k twitter followers, so they decided to release a freaking ton of stuff to download. Obviously, the papercraft Dreamcast is the best thing by far. 「いつもおセガになっております!」~20万フォロワー記念キャンペーン~|セガ
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