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    Girl Fight NPUB30736 01.00

    Credit:Randy97Killa Note:if someone using my codes please leave the credit to me ! i see on the another forums someone steal my code and didnt leave any credit to me ! that make me ANGRY Code: Enable Codes (Must Be On) 0 005676B0 3D8000E5 0 005676B4 93CCEFD8 0 005676B8 7FA3EB78 0 005676BC...
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    Kung Fu Factory's "Girl Fight" port to Dreamcast

    Hey guys, I was looking at this game called "Girl Talk" by Kung Fu Factory and after watching the review and noticing that the game doesn't look as high end as most games today, and it looks like soul calibur/ doa2 graphic wise I decided to look for the developers and I didn't find an email...
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    Some anime show is going to star a "dreamcast girl"

    Kind of weird! Crunchyroll - "Sega Hard Girls" Anime Slated for October
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