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    Multiple releases of Dreamcast Generator demo discs?

    I was goin thru all my Dreamcast consoles that are boxed and I came across an interesting Dreamcast Generator Vol. 2. The disc looks rather strange. It doesn't have that shiny finish on the disc label (almost looks bootleg but it isn't as it has the Sega trademark logo and other info in the...
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    Can anyone tell me how to find this darn Generator vol.9 demo music?

    I'm actually only looking for the music found on the disc when played as a CD there's this bad ass song on it (I believe the song is from the psycho circus demo) its DREAMCAST MAGAZINE GENERATOR VOL.9 can someone save my life :D
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    Generator Volume 1 Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Chao Puzzle VMU game (Sonic Adventure) Note: This trick requires two controllers, one into port A and the other into port D. Insert a VMU into controller D and load Sonic Adventure. Press Start controller D and "Chao Puzzle" should appear on the VMU. Press Start on controller A to pause the...
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