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    Child of Light: Ultimate Edition / Valiant Hearts: The Great War Double Pack

    The following are known Atmosphere / EdiZon / SXOS Cheat Codes for Child of Light: Ultimate Edition / Valiant Hearts: The Great War Double Pack on Nintendo Switch (Switch). Title ID: 01007D000AD8A000 Build ID: a8d1f8391e7d4d31 [Aurora] 02100000 23E02818 000003E7 02100000 23E0281C 000003E7...
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    Microsofts plans for "Next Gen" (Rumors etc.)

    So i saw this interesting topic brought up else where so i copied the info below... Essentially, the concept/speculation is that Microsoft is planning to release two separate, completely different Xbox branded products next generation, each of which are roughly as detailed below. Product...
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    problem upgrading 5.50 gen d3 to 5.50 prometheus

    when the "game" prometheus tells me to press x to start the upgrade my psp stops to work,:yeahthat: what should i do???????????
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    5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4 problem... cant get themes to work

    SO I have followed all the instructions I can find.. copied over CXMB folder and contents to the root, created a seplugins folder and the vsh.txt and game txt edited vsh.txt and i still cant get plugins to work.... i just want the win 7 plugin as my theme...
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    Fusa Gamepad freezes in 5.03 gen c psp - 3000

    I turn on Fusa Gamepad from the XMB and connect it to USB. However, it hangs on connecting screen. WIndows does not recognize it but Games do. I have tried disabling all plugins to no avail. Currently using PSP 3004 5.03 gen - c (DT mode). I know it's a little bit outdated but any help would be...
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    5.03 gen on psp 3000 wont play umd 3.95 madden 09

    I just modded my psp 3000 yesterday and I can't get my madden 09 retail copy to play and it only requires a 3.95 firmware. Does anyone know what to do because I can't find the answer. I have gen-c full on psp3000. I've researched error codes.
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    PSP 3000 BSOD 5.03 Gen - C

    Hi I am currently using a PSP 3004 with 5.03 Gen C. When I turn it on I get a blue screen saying "PSP setting information is corrupted. Press O...." in many different languages. When I press O, the PSP reboots and I get the same screen again. I cannot access anything. Please help! EDIT : Tried...
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    5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4 and PSN

    Is playstation network possible on 5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4? Error Code 20000002
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    5.50 m-66 gen d prometheus 4

    running the above custom firmware, tried running wwe allstars but just get a black screen nothing else, lego clone warss 3 , ffia 11, wwe smackdown all work ok, is there any other firmware to up grade to thanks
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    5.03 Gen C error code 80020148

    Hey folks, I just bought a PSP and have 5.03 gen-c installed and can play games but every once and a while the games will stop loading for no apparent reason and give me the error code: game could not be started 80020148 If I remove the game from my memcard and then put them back on from another...
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    5.50 Gen-A Full to 5.50 Gen D3?

    I have a PSP 1000 or PSP (Phat) somebody told me they were the same. I recently updated it to 5.50 Gen - A (Full). 1. Now I need to upgrade to 5.50 Gen D3 to play God of War. 2. Is it possible to update directly from 5.50 Gen A to 5.50 Gen D3? 3. Please direct me to a very super noob friendly...
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    PSP 2000 OFW 5.50 to CFW 5.50 GEN D-3

    Hello I have a PSP 2000 (Has a "Home" button.) that until recently had CFW 5.50 GEN D-3 and accidentally while I was running the Eboot inside the "Update" folder on my PSP (The update is for GEN D-3.) I pressed on "Install OFW 5.50"... From that time since I'm not even able to run any Eboot...
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    A really strange 5.50 gen d2 problem....

    I wanted to update my psp from 5.50 gen d2 to 6.35 pro b in order to play tha newest games.... I have read in the internet that i have to use 6.35 ofw in order to update to 6.35 pro b.... so i downloaded the ofw and tried to install it... as i mentioned before i have 5.50 gen d2.So,when i...
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    5.03 GEN C PSP-3000 model user looking to upgrade

    I am not a noob, and I do know how to read the tutorials, but I am very much paranoid. I read to see if my model can be upgraded to a new CFW, and it said yes. Checked out...
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    Trouble updating from 5.03 gen C to 6.20 permenent

    Today i decided to update my firmware from 5.03 gen C with the Kxploit to 6.20 permanent on my psp 3000. An easy task that i shouldn't need help with and unfortunately i cant even get past the updating to ofw 6.20. I reverted back to 5.03 ofw and placed the 6.20 update in PSP/GAME/UPDATE and...
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    Tips for upgrading 5.50 gen d3to the latest firmware

    Hi bros, Please kindly assist to my request. Can I go for cfw 6.39 ME-9 straight? Or I need to update to 6.20? I read the post that lcfw 6.39 LME-9 is just a launcher. Im needed to launch it whenever I restart my psp right? Would appreciate your help, Thanks! Robin
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    help upgrading 5.50 gen d3 to 6.20

    my psp 2000 z on 5.50 gen d3, wanted to upgrade to 6.20 pro as some of the games arnt playin on 5.50 (also i dont have a pandora battery).. i have 6.20 pro b6 on psp 3000 n it runs all games.. now, when tryin 2 upgrade to 6.20 from 5.50 gen d3, i get the error that i m currently using some 9.xx...
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    Can't Play ISO-5.5 Gen D and ISO Tool 1.51v2

    Hi guys. I've got a problem I can't figure out despite reading several threads on this great site. I recently bought a psp 2000 with 500 m-33 custom firmware. I then attempted to play an ISO I downloaded, specifically Valkyria Chronicles 3. I can see the game on the memory stick and start it...
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    Help upgrading my 5.50 GEN psp1000

    I haven't been on the psp hacking scene for quite a while. What's the farthest I can go and can I go straight there or do I have to do it in steps?
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